Thursday, 2 March 2017

Temple of Gloom cont'd.

Later that evening as Odds' party gathered around the campfire, they discussed the events of the day, and pondered where it would lead them.

Their guide had explained to the natives what they were doing there and learned that the Professor had indeed been studying and sketching the ruins.
 He had however been captured by Arab slavers and taken away up river, an expedition would obviously need to be assembled to follow, and half of Robert Odds' mind was on this as the others discussed the strange behaviour of the American.
 He had slipped away from the main party shortly after they reached the temple and a young native boy had watched him enter. A short while later he had emerged carrying a round object wrapped in canvas, which he placed in his knapsack before sneaking away.
  Angry natives had pursued him, but he escaped in a seaplane moored further up river.
Where he was now, and what had happened to the object they could only wonder.

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