Wednesday, 5 October 2022

Armoured Car for the British ...

 A Lanchester 6 wheeler... ready for service in East Africa, to thwart the ambitions of the Sultanate of Nambuzo.

Wednesday, 31 August 2022

Monday, 29 August 2022

German Overseas Volunteers...

 One of the first set of figures I painted up for this project were the German overseas volunteers - a fictional unit,  very quickly done and looked Ok;  however they needed to be improved so they have been re-painted in the uniform of German Seebatailon circa 1900.

Friday, 26 August 2022

Generic colonial infantry ....

 My generic colonial infantry in shorts, could be used as armed police etc.  Recently increased from 4 to 6 figures thanks to a free sprue that came with Wargames Illustrated.

The figures sport their new style bases as well, I removed any scatter and went with a plain flat 'grass green'. The whole pulp/adventure collection now has plain coloured bases either the green for the tropics or sand coloured for desert/arid.

Tuesday, 23 August 2022

Reference Information for German Colonial...

Handy website with uniform and equipment information along with brief summary of campaigns

weblink ....

well worth a visit  ..

Tuesday, 2 August 2022

How many jungle temples ?

Too many really, but to stop all games looking the same for jungle/tropics you do need a choice.😁

The items from the boxes under the table...

Newly arrived after being spotted on Ebay and given a paint job (dry brushings and a couple of washes); all suitable for South-East Asia; although the one on the left hand side is a bit of a pastiche in styles and could be used somewhere in Central America.

Wednesday, 13 July 2022

Taking stock....

 Have got all the pulp/adventure game figures and vehicles on the game table to see whats been accumulated (only a small project 😊...)..

There is a crossover for 1920's/30's into early WW2, so loads of suitable civilians and vehicles as well work for both. Trying to work out suitable basing scheme, moving from static grass to plain paint for simplicity - also to show the figures up more (as old static grass and scatter browns off over time...); will retain clear bases for figures that will move between terrain (desert/jungle/town ....)