Friday, 24 December 2021

Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Action on Coromelle

 The Sultanate of Nambuzo seeking to extend its influence into the Indian Ocean has seized the small french controlled island of Coromelle.  The French none to happy with this have pulled together a small force which left from Madagascar and has arrived at the island not far from the small port of Romoni...


The French gun boat Aurore starts landing the troops, first wave will be a detachment of the 5th foreign regiment and the second wave comprised of armed sailors ...

The first troops hit the beach ...
The port of Romoni ....
The first wave is moving in land and the second wave is about to land..
The french landing had been observed, barricades were erected on the roads into the port and some of the Nambuzo troops had moved into the jungle to ambush the French...
the ambush is set ....
As the french come into view, the Nambzuo troops open fire
and then attack ...
The French get the edge and slowly start pushing the opposition back...
The remaining Nambuzo troops fall back slowly to the outskirts of Romoni ..
The French move up cautiously ...
once in position they engage in a firefight with the Nambuzo troops manning the barricade
The Nambuzo troops fall back from the barricade ....
Outnumbered and surround the Nambuzo troops surrender...

The French have secured the port and the island.

Wednesday, 10 November 2021

French sailors ...

After sitting for awhile on the modelling desk a selection of french sailors from the Gringos40 28mm Tonkin range are finished... some to stand ready on my small river boat

and more for action on land ....

Monday, 11 October 2021

New deck-gun

 Up-gunned the deck gun for my river boat ... a metal casting from a pulp range

Saturday, 25 September 2021

At Al Kedir : I'll have that pyramidion...

The antiquities dealer informs the local police that his shipment will arrive early this morning for loading onto the first train out; the shipment is to be guarded by an armed escort due to its value.

The crew chat before they prepare the engine ...

A man watches the goods yard from a roof-top..

Waiting for a signal from the man on the roof-top, agents from the 'Rule of Six', among them are the maleficent seven.
In Al Kedir the antiquities shipment, the pyramidion of Senusret I,  has arrived by lorry and is making its way into the goods yard ...
As it arrives, the man on the roof top makes the ready signal and the agents of the 'rule of six' move up..
The crate is unloaded from the lorry while armed guards stands ready ....
As they start loading the crate into the train, a small lorry approaches and screeches to halt blocking the other entrance to the goods yard, another lorry blocks the line at the level crossing. 
A man opens fire from the roof top; soon others open fire and two of the antiquities armed guards are down ...
A gun battle erupts between the antiquities guards and the agents of the 'rule of six';  the loco moves off to try and clear the line (they may be able to get the train away ...)
The loco runs off down the track and pushes the lorry out of the way ....
it then runs back up and halts to change the points, the fireman jumps out under fire from the adjoining roof-top
The agents of the 'rule of six' have got the edge and are moving forward to try and take control of the loading dock...
The fireman had managed to change the points; as the engine moves slowly forward the driver realises the waiting train is now under the control of the attacking group of armed men; besides his fireman has been captured - he stops the engine.
the remaining antiquities guards run for safety as the 'rule of six' agents secure the area round the loading bay....
With the area secure they prepare to unload the crate containing the pyramidion from the train..
The crate is transferred to a lorry ...
and then they start to move off; a few shots are exchanged with some armed police as they get away
An hours drive later and they arrive at a makeshift airfield...
the crate is loaded into the plane and it takes off to a secret destination, the pyramidion is now in the hands of the 'rule of six' .

Sunday, 19 September 2021

The 'Rules of Six' meets

 Somewhere in hidden location, the organisation of the 'Rules of Six' meets; the fiendish Mu Fanchu leads the meeting, the others have sent their number two's or number three's to represent them.

The pyramidion of Senusret I has been located in the possession of a antiquities dealer; it is needed for one of their fantabulously devious projects; they plan to steal it ... 

Friday, 27 August 2021

Couple more desert buildings ...

Added a couple of buildings for the desert scenics, these are made by Ziterdes

Saturday, 21 August 2021

Indian Colonial Infantry ...

 I have replaced my old Hinchcliffe Indian colonial infantry with some new ones from Tiger Miniatures along with some pack mules and a machine gun; I kept the Hinchcliffe gun....

ready to man a suitable train ....

Saturday, 31 July 2021

Vehicles and Civilians...

Some more additions, three useful Lledo vehicles for £2 each at a charity shop - the two lorries have had a repaint; along with some recently finished civilians figures.

Sunday, 25 July 2021

Tuesday, 13 July 2021

A couple of character figures ....

 Finished a couple of character figs for story lines and games ...

(Notes: old Grenadier figures, dog from WizKids 4D camp set)

Sunday, 11 July 2021

Micks Place

 Later that evening, gathered at Micks Place, an Irish themed bar in the poorer part of town. The group discussed the situation.

    It was not Claras' choice of venue, she found the pianists repetition of a limited repertoire especially annoying, but it was Darcy's  favourite and his last night with the group. Time for him to rejoin his regiment on the North West Frontier.

    The afternoon had been busy, Darcy had contacted a friend from Sandhurst, presently based at Fort Adenuff far to the South, who had promised to help. Billy Odd Fellowes, he assured them was a first class chap and certain to help.

    Clara, Diana and Sophie had been discussing matters and had decided it was time for The Incorrigibles to enter the scene. Miss Baker-Streets Incorrigibles as they were known, had been formed of a small group of girls at St Geraldines Finishing School. Although uncertain who had finished who, the girls had solved more problems in the quiet corners of Dorset than they had caused. Reminiscing over their adventures, the trio had sent a variety of telegrams to the former members scattered throughout the world.

    Daisy May, had last been heard of interfering with the activities of a group of renegade moonshiners in Northern Indiana. Frankie was in Dublin, Princess Leya at her fathers palace in Northern India, and Fumiko was teaching the use of the Katana on Honshu. Remembering the grace with which she handled a hockey stick, they could only wonder the skills of her pupils. Miss Baker-Street was still teaching at St Geraldines. With term end approaching, her assistance was also considered.

    Other telegrams had been sent to the professors colleagues, but with little hope of a timely response.

   Until they did a lot of the professors notebook would remain indecipherable.

Thursday, 1 July 2021

A mixed bag of....(painted figures)

Some more aerial adventurers...   The dastardly Sigismund von Tiddenheim with his able assistants Scharfe and Fischer...

and some gangsters (some old Grenadier figures picked up off Ebay, have some more on the way...)

Friday, 25 June 2021

A New Day Part 2.

Continuing the story:

Clara was the first to her feet, leaping on Colonel Wang, she hurled him back against the fountain.
Darcy was slightly slower and his opponent started to lead the professor away as other Tong members hurried in support.

The pair, snatched him away and hurried deeper into the back streets, others, their attention drawn by the scuffle could only watch.

The deeper they went into the alleyways, the nearer to trouble they went.

Clara was grabbed from behind, but quickly beat off her attacker.

Spotting the converging tong members they dodged into the next alleyway.
Pulling the professor along, they emerged near the rear of the souk just as the two Englishmen approached.

Their attention momentarily distracted, the professor was grabbed from them and hurried away.

Rushing after them, they quickly caught up 

Assisted by the two Englishmen they battled to free the professor, Tong reinforcements being temporarily blocked by a passing camel train.

Outnumbered the two Tong members, beat off their assailants and bustled the professor away, exhausted, he could only struggle weakly.

Still struggling he was led away, as a lone Tong member blocked the alley.

More Chinese flooded the alleyway.

The odds against Clara and her companions was growing fast, but still they struggled to catch up.

One man blocked their way in the narrow street.
Then with a blow from Peter Lewis' umbrella he was down.

The alleyway was clear, no sign of the professor.
Leaving the Lewis twins to guard their backs Clara and Darcy raced to catch up with the professor and his captors. 

The Colonel had a good lead now,and calling others to protect his rear he hurried the professor away.

The Lewis twins did their bit to help.

And a passing French Gendarme and his Spanish companion joined in.
But the colonels daughter Tsu-Tsi and his number one son, helped hold them off.

More Tong flooded the scene.

Diana and Sophia were still too far away to help. Darcy and Clara miles behind.

By the time, they arrived at the edge of the city, all that could be seen was the tail end of a small convoy of trucks, and behind them a figure wearing a leather jacket and fedora, riding a white horse to the rescue, like some modern day film hero.
For a moment, Diana was reminded of her father Milton.

Impossible. Milton Keynes Jones was somewhere in South America seeking a small golden idol.

Meanwhile the Sphinx gazed enigmatically on the scene as others tried to discover the secret.

Perhaps She knows what happened next;