Wednesday, 22 March 2017

steam river launch - WIP

a sort of colonial steam river launch, made up from cardboard and bits ...
the covered area roof is done using strips of masking table over a simple card frame.

The Wittenberg Queen perhaps ?

Saturday, 18 March 2017

going down the river ....

von Tiddenheim and his niece look at the jungle from the rear upper deck of the river boat they are travelling on ...
[ river boat, shown in the previous posts finished off and painted; doors are plastic card with some small brass ship model portholes, the large port holes are plastic disks with black plastic circles fixed in the middle]

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

River boat - 'top deck' ...WIP

the basic structure of the river/gun boat is now finished.

the wheelhouse roof is removable. Final detailing and then painting to do ....

Monday, 13 March 2017

River boat - optional gun ...WIP

Knocked up a basic gun for use on the fore deck, using bits of plastic and other oddments. A piece of thick florists wire is fixed to the mount, which then goes in a hole in the deck piece, allowing it to swivel ...

Saturday, 11 March 2017

River boat - getting started ...WIP

I decided to knock up a small river boat, which could also be used as a little gunboat ...

Initially I made a cardboard base and basic superstructure, using some foamboard as a padding piece to raise the front deck
happy with the general layout, I increased the height of the hull by using a foamboard spacer and a cardboard base..
the next job was to add the sides. I cut these out of thin Daler mounting cardboard and bent as needed to fit, then stuck them on ...
 will leave this for the glue to set and plan out the top part of the superstructure plus how to make a small deck gun for the bow.

Monday, 6 March 2017

von Tiddenheim is thwarted ....

In the library of Wittenberg univeristy von Tiddenheim is in the middle of a meeting ....
Von Tiddenheim: Gentlemen it is imperitive that I examine the quartz sphere ..
Man in coat: Sorry that is not possible, it is currently being examined by our best scientists.. 


meanwhile at a secret storage facility in the Sackwald forest, a truck has just been un-loaded ..
Soldier: where does this go ?
Officer: put it in hangar 13 ...

Friday, 3 March 2017

Ruined city - WIP

Clearing out a box and came upon a pile of stuff I'd accumulated - resin columns, Wills cobble sheet and sundry useful bits.  I thought them suitable to make up some sort of 'ancient' ruined city in conjunction with existing scenic items of statues, a temple and some generic ruined buildings.

So based up the items on cardboard .... enough for a little ruined city ....
 looks like von Tiddenheim has already discovered it ...

looks like I've got some painting to do .... ..

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Temple of Gloom cont'd.

Later that evening as Odds' party gathered around the campfire, they discussed the events of the day, and pondered where it would lead them.

Their guide had explained to the natives what they were doing there and learned that the Professor had indeed been studying and sketching the ruins.
 He had however been captured by Arab slavers and taken away up river, an expedition would obviously need to be assembled to follow, and half of Robert Odds' mind was on this as the others discussed the strange behaviour of the American.
 He had slipped away from the main party shortly after they reached the temple and a young native boy had watched him enter. A short while later he had emerged carrying a round object wrapped in canvas, which he placed in his knapsack before sneaking away.
  Angry natives had pursued him, but he escaped in a seaplane moored further up river.
Where he was now, and what had happened to the object they could only wonder.