Monday 23 January 2023

Villains Lair (WIP)... Turbine/Power & Nefarious Device rooms ...

Needed an extra suitable room, so bashed a box file, the concept..

with retaining strips to slot in back and side walls done; with a gap left to add a floor

Walls and floor slotted in...
Setup to be  a turbine/power room; with scratch built control panels, turbines and associated power equipment (made from cardboard and anything I had which looked appropriate, including an old radiator thermostat).

Another box file (bashed some time ago, swappable walls, but with a fixed floor), use to house the nefarious device with a control panel made from cardboard - also gets some scientists to work on it..
the mad scientists ....

Tuesday 17 January 2023

Professor In Trouble game sequence (Blog Post Index)

The 'Professor In Trouble' game reports and story line interludes are now in a tabulated index to provide a simple narrative overview with links to the relevant blog posts; so you can have a read through the whole lot or just look at the AAR for each game.

PDF link

Sunday 15 January 2023

Professor in Trouble games (prepping and tidying up...)

 I'm currently tabulating all the Professor in Trouble games, with a view to proving an overview narrative PDF with links to blog posts or a PDF with all the posts text and pictures included.

In the process I may revisit and tidy up the format of some the relevant blog posts.

The tabulation scheme I'm using will also help plan/storyboard future games (such as 'Evil villains lair').

Kings African Rifles - 'in policing uniform'

A few oddment figures painted up to represent Kings African Rifles in their policing kit.. 

(I chose a lighter blue rather than navy, to represent faded kit)

Saturday 7 January 2023

East Africa - King's African rifles

 Finished painting some Kings African Rifles figures from Underfire Miniatures (KAR 3rd Btn)

Also completed was the radio set from Empress Miniatures ...

Wednesday 4 January 2023

Villains Lair (WIP)... nefarious device (2) ... ancillary equipment ...

 Scouting various spare items (thermostat top, pen tops etc) and bits from the 'bits box' bashed to use as ancillary equipment plus a couple of purchased items of Pulp lab equipment.

Monday 2 January 2023

'Thats My Pyramidion' print ....

The Pyramidion set of games have been somewhat summarised and appear in the Wargamers Annual 2023..

The article includes the scenarios for all the possible game locations and the way things played through (with accompanying photos).