Tuesday, 1 December 2020

The road goes ever on!

It was early evening before Clara and Darcy Fitz-Windsor left the hospital.   Roger Cuddlesworth and the Colonel had been strapped, bandaged and plastered.  It would be a few months before they were fit again, The Colonel would most probably add a permanent limp to the scars already earned in the service of King and Empire.  Greaves was only slightly more fortunate, his arm strapped up, it would only be a matter of weeks before he was fit for duty again, he along with the young officer, whose concussion and amnesia was cause for concern would be kept in hospital overnight.  Clara and Darcy were battered, bruised and dispirited, but determined.

They were discussing their options as they left the hospital and entered a nearby Cafe.
Ordering coffees and brandies, they were about to sit down when the mysterious lady from the beach joined them.

"May I join you" she said, sitting down before the pair could respond.

"My name is Giselle, Madam Giselle Givenchy. I could not help but overhear your predicament.
I too have my own reasons for travelling to Cairo.
Indeed I have a sleeping car booked for Paris and then Gibraltar, thence along the coast.
It leaves tomorrow at 08.21.
Perhaps you might wish to accompany me?"

She stood and left, just as a tall Gendarme entered.

The pair sat and discussed the matter, over and over, round and round went the arguments.
But in the end they decided;  Why not?

8.25 the next morning saw the now trio, leaving Nouvion.
Whither next they could not say.


  1. Foolish women this is not going to end well me things Douglas :)

  2. Indoors and outdoors are great scenes, terrific.

  3. Frank, Don't blame me. The Director called for new characters and introduced a 29 yr old Female, a professional from the criminal classes, along with a farm labourer and urchin.
    Allan, Thanks for providing the photos and then upgrading them.
    Alan, All down to my fellow contributor.

    Next instalment to follow soon.