Sunday 11 July 2021

Micks Place

 Later that evening, gathered at Micks Place, an Irish themed bar in the poorer part of town. The group discussed the situation.

    It was not Claras' choice of venue, she found the pianists repetition of a limited repertoire especially annoying, but it was Darcy's  favourite and his last night with the group. Time for him to rejoin his regiment on the North West Frontier.

    The afternoon had been busy, Darcy had contacted a friend from Sandhurst, presently based at Fort Adenuff far to the South, who had promised to help. Billy Odd Fellowes, he assured them was a first class chap and certain to help.

    Clara, Diana and Sophie had been discussing matters and had decided it was time for The Incorrigibles to enter the scene. Miss Baker-Streets Incorrigibles as they were known, had been formed of a small group of girls at St Geraldines Finishing School. Although uncertain who had finished who, the girls had solved more problems in the quiet corners of Dorset than they had caused. Reminiscing over their adventures, the trio had sent a variety of telegrams to the former members scattered throughout the world.

    Daisy May, had last been heard of interfering with the activities of a group of renegade moonshiners in Northern Indiana. Frankie was in Dublin, Princess Leya at her fathers palace in Northern India, and Fumiko was teaching the use of the Katana on Honshu. Remembering the grace with which she handled a hockey stick, they could only wonder the skills of her pupils. Miss Baker-Street was still teaching at St Geraldines. With term end approaching, her assistance was also considered.

    Other telegrams had been sent to the professors colleagues, but with little hope of a timely response.

   Until they did a lot of the professors notebook would remain indecipherable.


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