Wednesday, 19 January 2022

The Pyramidion - What happens next ??

Trying to get a basic concept of how things could play out and give some idea of locations for future games for the control of the Pyramidion of Senusret

  • Goodies: The Authorities - Adventurers, Police, Archaeologists, Army, etc
  • Baddies : Agents of the Rule of Six,  Antiquities Stealers...

The artifact has been found by the archaeologists and the sequence got started with a three way game at the dig site - the Stealers getting the pyramidion; followed by RuleOfSix taking it off them at the Railyard. 

The diagram below is a sketch out of the main flow options; the Authorities could get it back at the airfield or the port and take it to the museum ...... etc (just not enough room in the digram for all the arrows 😖  ) 

I've drafted the sequence of events for the Prof in Trouble series of games; if time I may put this into a PDF with game narrative.

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