Saturday 13 August 2016

An Introduction ....

A blog for gaming military encounters and adventures in the period 1900-1939.

Initially games will focus on WW1 air warfare and subsequently in the future 'pulp style' adventures during 1900-13,  1920's and 1930's.  Following the clashes and collaborations of two families, their relatives and descendants through the period, with principle characters at the outbreak of WW1 being:
  • Sir Barnaby Odd-Fellow, stalwart of the British Empire, currently residing in Dorset - avid explorer, amateur archaeologist, flyer, and colonel in the local yeomanry.
  • Wilhelm Graf von Tiddenheim, keen historian, equestrian and student of military matters;  with estates in the German province of Saxony near Wittenberg.
off we go .....

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