Tuesday, 16 August 2016

WW1: German spotter plane attacked ....

A quick game to try out the WW1 air warfare rules - 'Canvas & Wire'; and to check the aircraft stands are suitable (stands made from camera tripod legs see http://ww2tanksalot.blogspot.co.uk/2016/07/aircraft-stands.html ).

German Roland C2 on spotting duty ...
A couple of British Sopwith pups in the distance move towards the Roland ...
 The first Sopwith comes in and fires a burst, some damage caused ...
 The Roland rear gunner lets loose peppering the Sopwith with shot and setting the engine on fire
 Both planes manouvre, the Sopwith engine cuts out and he has to lose height quickly and glide down
going down .....
 and onto the ground with a bump behind British lines - pilot safe
 The Roland gains height and resumes spotting ....
 The second Sopwith comes in ....
A more experienced pilot he hugs the Roland's blind spot and lets rip bursts of machine gun fire ...
 the Sopwith gets closer in and is still firing, the Roland is trying to make a run for it ....
the Sopwith breaks off the attack as the 'peppered' Roland loses height quickly, the pilot manages to keep control eventually landing in a field behind German lines


  1. Looks fun - are these your own rules or commercial ones?

    1. 'Canvas & Wire' is a set of commercial rules, no longer available.

  2. Nice backdrops - where did you get them? Railroad modeling?

    1. Phil,
      the backdrops are those used for railway modelling. I used Gaugemaster backscenes (see http://www.gaugemaster.com and search for backscenes)

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