Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Flight into Danger

 Or How I learnt what happened next.

This is very much an exercise in questions, answers and probability.

  • Does the sabotage work?  Probability high.
  • Where and when? 
  • Between London and the coast / Over the channel / in France?
  • Can they land? 
  • Where? 
  • Safely? 
  • Is anyone injured?
  • Can it be mended? 
  • How long will it take?


      Our intrepid party, sat back in their seats,.The men, ex- military, were already settling to sleep, only Cuddles the pilot and Clara remained awake.

     Clara sat gazing down at the Kent countryside worrying about her father and wondering what lay before them. 

     Flying officer Cuddlesworth seemed relaxed, but his eyes flicked constantly between the horizon, his instruments and the sun. Too many hours spent over the trenches had left their mark.

    Over the channel now, a brief stop in Northern Italy to refuel, then on to the Greek island of Pathos, before flying on to Cairo.

    His eyes lingered on the gauges, both Oil pressure and Starboard Engine temperatures were creeping up.

     As they rose steadily into the red, he made his decision, too far to turn back, the only hope lay in reaching the French coast. He feathered the engine. The plane would still fly, but a forced landing would be tricky.

    The change in engine noise roused the men and Cuddles explained his plan to land on the sandy beach dimly seen ahead.

     Getting closer he could see that the tide was out. The Lady was still at his shoulder.

    Turning as close as possible into the wind they made their final approach, there was little room for error, only a narrow strip of firm sand between waves and dunes.

To be continued........


  1. Intriguing & leaving us with a cliffhanger Douglas :)

    May I ask what mechanism your using to drive the events ?

  2. Will they land safely ? all will be revealed :)

  3. Trust blogger??? Replied earlier but has disappeared into the ether.
    As I don't want to know the outcome in advance, I set out a series of possibilities per the list at the top of the post. Allocated probabilities, then rolled a dice.
    Example; Will they land safely? 0 = Crash Landing ranging up to 9 = perfect landing.
    Dependant on the result will then roll for injury. Each will have to roll under to avoid injury with the caveat that zero is a serious fail. Heroes can die in this game.
    Will find out later and let everyone know.