Sunday, 15 November 2020

Small train for adventure games etc (WIP)

 I've been building up a few pieces of railway rolling stock to use in adventure games; target area is desert/arid or jungle - so need to make them as generic as possible.

I had a large'ish HO tank loco which looks suitable; I bought some cheap wagons off Ebay and discarded the tops and kept the underframes..

I lengthened one of them to provide an underframe for a 4 wheel coach and built up the others with scribed cardboard to make two flat wagons and a van.
Basic detail added to flat wagons and van using thin card and thick paper. Coach sides and ends added..
fudged up some steps and end detail for the coach using some spare suitable bits of plastic
A roof for the coach, and a little train setup on ordinary OO/HO model railway track
I have a selection of track to play with, would be nice to have it ballasted; also a small station would be handy - something to work on....

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