Saturday, 10 October 2020

Continuing continuing on.

It took some considerable time to contact the local garage and arrange for the car to be taken away. Whilst the adults waited in the farmhouse kitchen for a taxi they pondered what had happened. Why had the Lofts been abducted? By whom? Where had they been taken? The subject was talked round and round without answer until the young man,who had been walking his dog around the steading reappeared, in his hand was a scrap of paper. "Excuse me Colonel, but i think this might help" "Why should that possibly be of any use"replied Colonel Coleman. "Well sir,It has been raining heavily here abouts for a few days by the look of the puddles, but this is bone dry. and I believe the C in a heart,drawn in lipstick on the back indicates who dropped it" "You're right by jove, Well done young man" The Colonel took the piece of paper and scanned it eagerly, but it appeared to be nothing more than an old invoice, seeing nothing he passed it round. An invoice dated some months ago from Si Los' Oriental Trading Company,observed Greaves. At which the naval man raised his head " Wharf Street, Limehouse? a true den of iniquity" It was little enough to go on,but there was nothing else. Swiftly the Colonel made some phone calls, finishing just as the taxi arrived to take the party to the station. There they seperated, the Colonel and Greaves taking the fast train to London, the youth and his companions leaving by car.


  1. If anyone can tell me why the layout of the above post is not as I wrote it or as visible in preview,this techno-phobic neo-luddite would be pleased to know.

    1. I can't help you there Douglas but I can tell you I'm having the same problems myself & its very frustrating.

      Nice little move on for the story, next stop Limehouse ? :)