Saturday, 31 October 2020


 Throughout the early hours the phone lines around Limehouse were alive as information trickled in and plans were changed.  Watchers were in place at all ports and airfields in the vicinity tasked with spotting and stopping the Colonel and his party.

        Wun Lo found himself a good observation spot in a small storage shed at the small airfield at Heston, just a few miles from London. He had made contact with two Tong members employed as cargo handlers and the three watched for signs of Colonel Coleman, his servant, a girl of about 25, and possibly four others.

As the first streaks of Dawn lit the airfield he raised his binoculars and scanned the buildings opposite.
Two men could be seen in conversation by one of the hangers and some early passengers could be made out waiting in small groups.
But nothing to raise his suspicions.

A small group appeared between two of the buildings, he studied them carefully.

Two men came into view further along. Possibles.
They would bear watching.

As the light strengthened, more people could be seen moving about and gathering in small groups, so far nothing to raise his suspicions.

The aircraft by the nearest hangar was obviously being prepared for departure, final pre-flight checks were being carried out.

Wun-Lo scanned the passengers, Was that young lady in red the missing Clara Loft?

Then from around the corner he spotted them, an obviously military man, his butler and a young girl.

Quickly he signalled Chang and instructed him to stop the party. Warning him to take no actions that would alert the Authorities. He would telephone Si-Lo and alert him to the facts.

Chang set off to sabotage the flight, approaching the ground crew carrying out the final visual inspection.

The pilot was still deep in conversation with a gentleman by the hangar doors, hopefully he would remain distracted whilst Chang did his work.

Meanwhile the Colonel and his party were making their way to the aircraft. Other travellers stood chatting

As the Colonel and his party approached the hangar no one was paying attention to Chang and he quickly got closer to the aircraft.

His hand went into the cover of the Starboard  engine and emerged a few moments later covered in oil.

               On the other side of the airfield Wun-Lo had finished his phone call, and was waiting for the reinforcements promised by Si-Lo.

Information ha d reached Si-Lo earlier as to the identity of  'Cuddles'
Apparently a war hero of some note, Captain Cuddlesworth and his two wingmen, Berty and Auburn ran a small operation from Heston airfield.   Steps were taken to abduct the flyer and discover what was known.   All available Tong members were occupied and he was forced to call on Maleficient and his group of thugs.  He did dislike them, no sense of social mores and subtlety was beyond their comprehension, but needs must.

The group was even now parked on the airfield perimeter road, finalising their plans.

The band of heroes had all arrived at the aircraft and were busy climbing into their seats.

Lord Fisher had briefed Cuddles on what he had learned and would remain behind to learn more.

Chang moved around behind the aircraft, his work not yet finished.
Picking up a spanner from the floor he approached the tailplane.

                                  The engines started, 'Cuddles scanned the instruments. Oil pressure a little high, not seriously so but he would keep a careful eye on it.
Releasing the brakes, he moved forward.

And stopped, Ailerons were very stiff, he climbed out to check.

Behind the hanger the Malificent seven were approaching.

`````whilst Cuddles and the ground crew looked over the aircraft, the thugs were creeping closer.

Cuddles and Lord Fisher spotted the problem and removed the rogue spanner, freeing the controls.

The thugs were creeping ever closer, they could hear the engine ticking over, a quick rush and they could seize the pilot.

As they rushed forward, the engine note deepened as the aircraft began to move off down the taxiway.

Just a few seconds too late they could only watch as the aircraft began its takeoff.

Spotting Wun and Chang they moved forward to confer.

Learning that Lord Fisher was still there, it was decided to capture him instead.
Under interrogation he would be certain to tell all.

His Lordship stood writing in his notebook.
1. Check newspaper archives for any references or information on the six rulers.
2. Contact 'The Leprechaun' in Dublin, if anyone knew more it would be him.
Most people had at least heard of Raffles, the gentleman thief, but few even suspected the existence of an Irish master of the art.

He had no chance to continue, an Oriental approached. His hand in his pocket  obviously holding a revolver

His fist shot out and his would be assailant fell to the ground,   hearing footsteps behind, his lordship spun round,  another Oriental.
A nearby group of vicars could only watch as the two rapidly overpowered the one.

And bundled him away to a waiting van.

They were still standing in shock and amazement when a young voice spoke.

' Excuse me Reverends, could you please tell me precisely what just happened here'

There will be more, 
What, has yet to be determined. The story has taken control.

Will Changs sabotage mean the end for our heroes?
Will Lord Fisher escape?
What is that young man up to?.
Who was that Masked Man?

Does anybody care?


  1. Nicely done.

    The brief version of the game I shared with VWC was well received, they are enjoying the 'Professor in Trouble' series of games

  2. I care Douglas :) great episode with lots of tension & wonderful eye candy.

  3. Frank, Allan, Thanks for your comments, as alluded to in the script the game now seems to be running itself, simple mechanisms, dice and cards leave me little to do but write up what happened.
    Acquisition of LTL Directors cut may help me find out what happens next.