Sunday, 21 February 2021

In Warmer Climes ...Cairo

Outside an annex of the Eyptian Museum in Cairo. Dr Diana Jones and Professor Rodrey Bilton, were in conversation...

Rodrey: Nelly is sending some men to help guard the dig site today.
Diana: That is a relief, I think we are close to finding it.
Rodrey: What about the telegram from Clara ?
Diana: I have to go out to the dig. Can you and Nelly meet them and see what you can do to help them ?
Rodrey: Yes of course.
Diana: If all goes well at the dig I may be back in Cairo soon and I can help as well
Rodrey: Good luck at the dig, bye.
Diana: Good bye...

As Diana Jones walked across to a waiting car....

a  journalist from the Daily Gazette intercepted her and asked how close they were to finding the the pyramidion of Senusret.  She fobbed him of saying they were just doing a routine investigatory dig at the ruins of a temple founded by Amenemhet I, but had not found anything of significance.

She walked over to the waiting car,

"Sorry for the wait Joe,  can you take me to the Excelsior, 
I'll change there then we can go out to the dig site"..


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