Friday, 19 February 2021

Seeking some assistance.....

Aware they were being followed, the Sterling brothers had arranged for doubles to lay a false trail; the bait was taken and the men who were following them were led into a trap (see here).


At Somington aerodrome, a quarter of an hour after their doubles left; Kit Campion and the Sterling brothers slipped out the side of the passenger terminal to a waiting taxi ...

They set off at a leisurely pace, once they were sure they were not being followed they turned south ...

Half an hour later they passed through Snodbury, a little way out of the town they turned off the main road up towards a large country house, the residence of the traveller & adventurer - Sir Ray Landsmith..

Come in gentlemen, you are expected...
They were shown into the study, introductions were made, after a bit of a chat Sir Ray offered them some tea and cake..
   A bit later on the conversation turned to more serious matters. They discussed the 'Rule of Six' organisation's activities and the spate of disappearing linguistics & archaeology professors; the current information available to them pointed to the conclusion that they had some special project in progress in Egypt. 
   Sir Ray said he was unable to investigate or assist them personally as he was soon to leave for the far east to investigate the activities of the inscrutable Mu Fanchu. He did however give them some reliable contacts in Cairo who would be able to help them  - 
Dr Diana Jones (archaeologist and adventurer), 
Professor Rodrey Bilton (of the Egyptian museum), 
and Colonel Nelson ('Nellie') Polkington.
  While Sir Ray went to find his butler to arrange for them to stay the night, Kit and the Sterling brothers discussed travel arrangements ..........


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